Camp BoTown

Our very first campsite EVUH was at Beaver Run RV Park near Metter, Ga. It was just a hop, skip and a jump from our home and even closer to the Camping World parking lot (see previous post). Wherever Baby Beluga parks will be called BoTown, a combination of our name and, well, “town”.

This park was very nice and clean, and the peeps there were oh, so friendly and helpful. This guy’s name is Huey. He and his family are frequent visitors and he was so helpful and led us right to our spot; number 15.


The place was really flat! That helped a lot for these first timers


We set up camp, strung our little string of Tiffany lights (we decided we need a second string) and Driver replaced a burned out bulb by the door.

“You should bring a ladder,” I said before we left the house.

Well, who needs a ladder when there is a big picnic table nearby?


This is Huey and Jingles. Jingles has bunny ears on because it is Easter weekend. We also met Huey’s wife and Jingles’ mom Janice. We hope to camp with them again someday.


Huey even shared his wood and lightered pine, which gave us a pretty fire in the firepit.


By evening, we toasted our little campsite and our big whale of a camper


Our next trip is in 2 weeks, a weekend outing with our church. We are looking forward to a sweet time with our church family.

2 thoughts on “Camp BoTown

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, I just read through all your posts – how FUN and EXCITING!!! Outfitting the RV and going on your first trip – so awesome! Your 5th wheel is similar to ours – same size and about the same age. Funny – I never thought about changing the hardware, but it’s a great idea. So cool that you found a purple interior! Very unusual! Ours is mostly blue, which would not have been my first choice…but we were blessed to inherit, so no complaints!
    When I got notification for your comment, I had to go back and read my post about Malibu and it was 2 years ago – almost to he day! Just last week, we called that RV park and made reservations for another trip there. I know you are going to love every minute with your RV! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    (Hey one thing – any way you could load your photos so they are larger or so we could click on them to see them larger?)

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