The Truth. Getting there.

“I just want to be there. I don’t want to go through the rushing, frustrations and anxiety that is the process.”

I wonder how many more times I’ll say this before we leave.

When bloggers post whatever it is they are blogging about, it often reeks of perfection. It also frequently makes the rest of us feel like we might never reach such levels of that imposed perfection.

That’s what today’s blog post is about.

I am here to share the truth- the back story, if you will, about all it takes to get from home to campground.

Here we go.

Family had just left on Christmas Day. Driver and I spent the following day getting ready. Laundry, cleaning house, napping, more laundry, dinner out so we wouldn’t mess up the kitchen, more laundry and a trip to drop off prescriptions.

Plan: leave at 11:00 am the next morning.

At midnight, we had this in a pile on the floor. By morning, this pile tripled in size.



Yes. It. Was.

I was as tired as one would be on the day after Christmas with all the doings of that blessed day plus all the regrouping afterwards. Add getting ready to leave for a week and staying up till midnight is just par for the course.

Travel Day:

It is:
A) stressful
B) busy
C) full of lists
D) and THEN we load up and go.

On Travel Day we decide stuff like I need to clean out my car so I can pack it. We took two vehicles for the 1 1/2 hour drive- just know that by the time we arrived at Travel Day, driving alone contributed greatly to the length of my marriage.

So I cleaned it out, put the seats down to make a huge dog bed, and began loading.


And I kept loading.

That Happy Camper bag was a suggestion of better things to come. I wasn’t convinced that there would really be a Happy Camper but I could hope.

We loaded Driver’s truck too.


Finally, we got to the storage place. Yes, we have to store it, as our HOA doesn’t allow RV’s in the hood.
Two things happened here:
1) I sat in the car and prayed
2) a big guy named Kevin was visiting his RV just across the way. He began talking to us and I learned he has been doing this for 22 years. A retired truck driver, he’s been all over and back again in his RV.

Now let’s do the math. Though we stop by each week, I have never – ever – seen anyone hanging out in the RV storage area.

Today I sat in the car and prayed. Sometimes I just think I’m too wimpy for this, but it’s our dream, and once we GET THERE, I am in love with this lifestyle. So I prayed that God would bless us with a good experience that would honor Him.
Kevin walks up, introduces himself. He is a handsome black man. about 6’4, 300 lbs and a smile that won me over. Out of the blue, he begins to encourage me. “Man, you are going to love it!” He says. “Just wait till you get there, it will be all worth it,” he added.

I did the math. God sent Kevin to assure me that He heard my prayer.

I took a few deep breaths, got my second wind and realized, regardless of my fatigue, fear and anxieties, THIS is going to happen and I WILL love it.

We stopped to put air in the RV tires, and Driver’s portable air machine was broken.

We went to a truck stop, towing the huge trailer along, only to discover the air machine was – yes – broken.

Now we had to go somewhere else.

That put me out in the parking lot, holding traffic at bay (read: BIG trucks and ticked off car drivers) while I directed Driver around all the stuff we should not make contact with such as metal to concrete or metal to metal. It was kinda nice to have something bossy to do.

Between the two of us we did a fine job even though we were both pretty frustrated over the broken air machine.

We crossed the highway, got air and were on our way.

One would think the stress is over.


Now I’m worried about the hugeness that is Baby Beluga. No matter how many times Driver says it tows like a dream, I’m still new at this and frankly, our little 40 ft dream on wheels that came true scares the snot outta me. That’s the nicest way I can say it.

So I began thanking God.

I drove, Driver and Beluga in my rear view. Surprise: that made me anxious.

So I continued to thank God.

I thanked Him for Driver, for Baby Beluga, for the pups who rode with me, for the fact that we were driving only 90 miles and there was only 80 to go.

I thanked Him for the gas in my car, the breakfast in my tummy, the crackers in the seat beside me and the fact that every single traffic merge- every single one- was wide open for Driver to tow through.

Yes, Virginia, God is real. If you don’t believe yet, I have many, many other accounts to share, much deeper than this. Just email me.

By the way, I don’t know why but every time God sends me an angel, it’s always a big black man. Usually Jamaican, but always soft spoken and genteel. I love God’s way.

So on with the trip.

Truth: we arrived safe and sound.

Truth: I took a nerve pill when we got here. I had a prescription for 30 in Oct of 2011. I just ran out. I come from addictive genes (don’t we all?) so I don’t mess with stuff like pills that chill me out so much that I’m actually pleasant to be around. Basically, it was as much for Driver as for me, since I didn’t lose it , not even once. While some – maybe all- do not see the faith statement vs nerve pill, I can answer that as well. Email me.

Anyway, we arrived. I was chill and so very thankful to be at the very moment we were at. Parked and setting up.

I walked the dogs, swept our “porch” and began unloading the car.


Truth: the place is cluttered upon arrival but it gets better. Everything has it’s place.

By the time I took this picture I was feeling so much better. We are here and all that stress is behind us.

I’m ready to play house now.

I enjoyed putting everything in it’s place, especially these two items. The card – ADORABLE – is from my friend Heather. The quilted mat is PERFECT for our little table, and from my friend Martha.


Truth: it has been a very long series of days to get to this point. I’m exhausted but blessed in so many ways. I have my faith and an eye witness to God’s blessings. I have friends who love me enough to make something that is absolutely perfect for me. I have Driver who is oblivious to my stress levels (yes, most of the time this is a good thing) and I have these two furry friends who can’t wait for snuggle time.

Stressful? Oh yes it was.
Blessed? Oh yes it is.

Truth: my jaw hurts from clenching my teeth so many times today. I’m beyond tired and still have to set up the bedroom.

Truth: it is a very good day. With bikes to ride and pups to walk, tomorrow will be even better.

Thanks for stopping by and sticking with this “truth” story. I promise most of my future posts will be fun and upbeat, but just in case my blog looks even barely “perfect” now you know… The Truth.

God bless.

Post-Christmas trip!

We stopped by the storage lot this morning to get Baby Beluga ready for our next trip. I’m excited because it’s a week away on the coast! Though it’s too cold to take a dip, there’s a lake with a beach and plenty of walking to be done. We will also bike to the deep water pier and watch these:

Yes, MANATEES! Oh, I can’t wait!

So Baby was dutifully waiting for us, all big and wonderful that she is.

We will go back this evening to turn on the fridge and leave in the morning. Since it’s chilly out, there will be much crafting, movie watching and sitting by the fire pit. It’s gonna be a week of easy. I’m loving it already.
Watch my blog for more!
Thanks for visiting, and God bless you in the New Year and always.
Kathy Bo