Ever been so excited???

When someone says they have a surprise for you, it can be exciting. Like, when we were kids and someone had a “surprise” – we just couldn’t wait to find out what it was.

It’s been ages since I was that kid and even longer since anyone said they had a surprise for me. Still, I was like a kid again when my friend Tammy presented me this:

She made it on her Babylock Ellisimo Gold sewing / embroidery machine- a project those of us in the biz call “in the hoop”. I love how the frog and hedgehog peek out of the windows!
She even used sleeping bag fabric for the inside!

I am thoroughly enjoying it! It was the sweetest surprise and so thoughtful!
As long as we are talking camper crafts, here’s a project I made with my Silhouette electronic die cutter and a smidge of adhesive vinyl.

The cup, by the way is from Academy Sports and has a spritzer feature that I am sure will have a ton of use around camp!
Thanks so much for stopping by! God bless.
Kathy Bo

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