A week (or so) on vacation and an update

Update: We have camped several times since my last blog post but I had huge blogging issues when I changed from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy. I’m back on iPhone (6plus, LOVE IT!) so here I am blogging again via phone. 

Now for the fun stuff- camping!

Y’all know I’ve blogged a bit about Travel Day, that terribly exhausting time where you pack pretty much everything you can think of, forget too many important things and THEN load it all and hit the road. 

It’s my least favorite time. And let me just say if you don’t find travel day stressful then we can’t be friends. Unless of course, you bring puppies or kittens or chocolate- then it’s on like Donkey Kong. 

But back to the matter of travel: it seems like we learn something new every single trip, and this one was super helpful. 



Ninja Man brought the RV home from the storage facility and parked it in front of our house. Of course with the truck hooked to it, the whole enchilada gets parked in front of ours AND the neighbor’s house.  Anyway, we began loading it. 

And we loaded. 

And loaded some more. 

I know, we should have “two of everything” and we do- as far as the toaster, kitchen utensils and bed and bath linens go. But the clothes, food and perishable necessities have to be loaded each time since we store our rig when not in use. 

So back and forth we went, loading to the point of (some) blood (his knee), sweat (both of us) and tears (guess who…). And did I mention my house needs to be in near perfect order? That’s something I have learned is super important to my mental health- I don’t want to come home to a messy house. It’s a deal breaker. 

Since our destination was ONLY 45 minutes away, at my breaking point I informed my husband that the pups and I would just meet him there. Not only that, but I was going to nap. Right now. 

The pups, clearly on my side, jumped up to snuggle with me on the sofa. 

To my surprise, Ninja Man stretched out in his recliner and dang if he wasn’t asleep in a matter of minutes. 

The pups and I looked at each other. This, being an unprecedented event had us all perplexed. But not so much that we didn’t cozy up and fall asleep too.

And there we were. Already one hour past the time we wanted to leave, RV nearly packed, house pretty much ready to lock up, and the whole lot of us snoring away. 

Just 30 minutes of this was exactly what we all needed. When we awoke I was back to my fun loving self and no longer feeling the need to convoy, Ninja Man had settled his attitude and the pups… well, they were ready for a treat. 

We piled into the truck, bid the house adieu and off we went for our adventure. 20140511-195800.jpg

I’ve often said a nap cures pretty much what ails ya- and it’s true about Travel Day. 

We leave tomorrow and take the short 45 minute drive home. It doesn’t matter so much how far we are driving, preparing the rig for the road is the biggie. I think we will get up early so we can get a nice short nap- just in case. 


Our former storage spot.

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