A Big Trip

We are planning a big trip.

Here’s my current “to-do” list: (surely to grow)

Stock up on pastured meats and eggs
Stock up on pup food
Buy extra sunscreen
Do more laundry
Get house ready
Stop mail delivery
Put a few crafting kits together
Do more laundry
Give neighbor dates of our time away

Wow. That looks so simple.

But I know that Travel Day will be so exhausting no matter how much I plan ahead! If only we could go with the bare minimum- and maybe one day we will figure this out so we can. I keep trying to anyway!

The little pile of “must-haves” has already started to accumulate. Here we have our Quilter’s Travel Companion (who would be without?), the new popcorn popper, the ever ready air pump and a sweet gift from my friend Angela! A tea towel just perfect for our RV! I mentioned in my last post about a surprise from a friend and then I received this! Wow! Two very special camping themed goodies!

And speaking of sweet friends, we will be meeting up with some very special ones at our destination! Stay tuned!
God bless! Kathy Bo