Tweaking Baby

Like all babies, our Baby Beluga is adorable, BUT she needed a bit of updating.

She is a 1999 model and needed to ditch that hey-baby-what’s-your-sign shiny goldtone hardware that adorned every cabinet and drawer.

I spent FO EVUH in Lowes, picking out the perfect ones. They had to be toned down, un-gold (yeah, that’s not a word), they had to be affordable and not butt-ugly (major challenge), they had to fit in the existing holes AND there had to be enough in the bins to do the job.

Baby’s Driver was roaming the store looking at lightbulbs, so I was digging in the bins, figuring out which ones we could use.

Finally, I found some that were per-fect-a-moso! Then driver walked up.

“Those?” He said with a bit of an “I-smell-something” look.

“I was thinking of these,” he said, reaching into a bin further down the aisle.

Driver is amazing and can do stuff like walk up and find the perfect hardware after I’ve been searching fo EVUH.

Wouldn’t you know, they met all the requirements and I loved them!

Here’s the old: they are SUPER shiny. And gold. (feel free to sing bonchickkabonbon, I won’t be offended)


And here’s the new:


Baby gets cuter every single day!

Oh! And I forgot to add this:

Baby’s Driver at work!