Stuff. Baby needed stuff.

It was plain and simple; Baby Beluga needed stuff.

Little hand towels for the kitchen, plastic plates and glasses, rugs and more. Among the things I love about Baby is staying in budget. We got her at the price we needed so that we could buy a few necessities as well as creature comforts.

As you may have noticed, there is a lot of purple in Baby Beluga. I found that brown and the new spa green goes well with the deep purple, so I picked these up:


At the top of the picture are a couple of fun embroidered towels that added some color to the beige. It’s just what baby’s kitchen needed.

I found so much silicone I’m happier than a Valley Girl. Baby’s cabinet drawers will be full of this stuff!


The blue bowls are just old fashioned plastic, but they were so cute I couldn’t leave ’em behind.

The only thing cooler than silicone spatulas is stuff that collapses. Yeah. It’s just so neat.

I found a dish drainer that folds flat! I have issues with my hands, so it’s super easy and wow, what a space saver!


But wait. There’s more.

These are waiting for their turn in the dishwasher.




My Driver picked out the big colander, I picked out the small one. We needed a mixing bowl too.

Here’s what they look like all popped out:



See what I mean? Cool and stinkin cute. They are called “Squish”, a perfect accessory for a Baby Beluga, dont’cha think? Oh. I almost forgot; these don’t “squish” but they do match and are super cute:



Lastly, Driver helped find these plates and cups – not squishy – but microwave safe AND they match! They are perfect for so many more reasons: great for outdoors, perfect for our grandkids, easy to wash and store and they don’t weigh much! Weight is a huge issue for a Baby Beluga so we watch her carefully!


I was pretty delighted to find these too- plastic wine glasses! Driver picked out some others but I liked these since I can use them for tea and stuff.


If you are looking for Squish, I found them at Target. I just LOVE target!


Of all the things I found for her today, THIS is just unbelievable. My friend Leia was with me and is witness to the love-at-first-sight. I had to have it. It is the softest most cuddly rug EVUH. It’s for the bath but my toes will hit it every time I get out of bed. Morning bliss. Ohhhh.



Here’s a picture that wouldn’t load earlier:


That’s all for today. I’m still in budget and have a bit more shopping to do. I guess you could say I’m a happy camper!