Gulf State Park

We arrived at Gulf State Park after a scenic drive along the coast via Pensacola. Check in was easy and efficient. Thankful to get a pull through, we began setting up our little-big “home away from home”.

This is a super nice park with everything one would need except for decent Internet and hook ups for cable. I love my Internet as much as the next web-obsessed blogger, but it’s not been too bad. I’m actually blogging from my iPhone right now.
What does the park have? Well, here’s a sample:

The laundromat was nice but there is no change machine. You can get change at the camp store but it closes at some point so there were a few folks asking for change most of the time we were there. This is 2013 and we spent $13 to wash and dry 3 loads. There’s a trick to saving here: you can add a quarter to extend dryer time. If you wait until the time runs out you have to pay $1.25 all over again.
Another hint: Gulf State Park is smack dab in the middle of EVERYTHING. There are lots of regional restaurants (more on THOSE later!) grocery and convenience stores, tacky souvenir shops and at least two WalMarts. Avoid the Wally on Orange Beach- it is tiny and mostly food. Turn right out of the park (use GPS since I can’t recall the name of the road) and you’ll find a super WalMart, Target, auto parts stores and chain restaurants.

Now: On to the pool…
This pool is HUGE. Hard to believe it is a state funded pool, especially when you consider the awesome fenced in kid’s splash pad! The pool is just over 4 ft deep but features a fountain in the middle. And us, without the grand kids! But our friends came from Daphne, Ala and we got to watch our little two-year old buddy Hudson have a blast!


Across from the pool is the laundry, camp store and pavilion with picnic tables right along the smallest of three park lakes. Here’s the view from the pavilion:



You may not notice a little sign saying not to “feed or aggravate” the alligators. Yes, there ARE alligators here and I’m not a fan of them, so I won’t be staying “waterfront” when we return. These folks don’t seem to mind though:


Another perk of this state park is free parking at certain beach areas just across the highway (driving distance) and we took advantage of that perk today. I love the white sands of the Gulf beaches.




We ended our day as we have begun each one, here at pull-through site 194; saying a cheerful greeting to this little guy. I named him Mr. Brown.

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God bless you!