Bringing Baby Home

It’s a girl! Well, maybe she is… I’m not too sure but I’ve been referring to our long-anticipated RV as a girl – a girl baby Beluga whale!


She kinda resembles one, don’tcha think?


This is our girl in her natural habitat.  That is, until we get her weaned and in the Great Outdoors!  And yes, we have an HOA. I’m waiting for their sweet letter, a welcome note if you will!

But even the HOA cannot rain on this Beluga parade!  I am Snoopy Dancin’ happy. Or as my favorite Duck Dynasty dad says, “Happy. Happy. Happy.”  Yeah. THAT happy.

I will never forget the first moment when my Driver and I connected with Baby Beluga.  It looked like this:


Why I photographed this:  well, Driver and I have been talking about getting our very own RV for more than T*W*E*N*T*Y years and I did not want to Miss. A. Thing.  That very moment it clicked into place resonated with me. It was like pushing a button or crossing a line.  It was here. Now.  And you know what? I just had to have the picture of that “real” moment.

Driver was ready to go.  One more check of Beluga and off they went!


I followed behind in the SneakMobile.  One day I might tell the story of the SneakMobile and how it is black and how I gather up the ladies in my ‘hood and we sneak off after all have gone to bed, sneaking all the way to Dairy Queen or Sonic, in our P’s and our J’s, get ice cream and then sneak back home.  But there’s no time for that right now… we are talking about Baby Beluga, tee hee!  So off Driver went with Beluga following dutifully behind.  This is how they looked going into the ‘hood:


That thing on the far left of my windshield is not a taco; it’s something coming off of the interior of the SneakMobile. Driver has to fix it.  It’s an old paid-for car that I LOVE and don’t want to part with because parting with it means payments and I’m highly allergic to such things.

“Can you park it?” I asked.

Driver assured me he could.

And he did.

I really had no doubt.  I even helped a little, but I know he could have done it fine without me.


Once we got her home, we had to do the first, main thing.

Introduce Hoover to her.

“Thanks for the big doghouse,” he said.


Today was day 2.  Hoover and I took a nap, right there in the driveway.

It was perfect.