A few more creature comforts!

Driver came home after a week-long trip and found that I’d been busy getting Baby Beluga all dressed up.

First, I scrubbed and shined from the living room to the kitchen, then the bedroom to shower and toilet. She twinkled like a fairy princess!

Then I sewed a little band for this sweet little indoor-outdoor condiment-napkins-silverware holder!


I love it because I bought the fabric in Paris a few years ago and didn’t want to cut it – till now. The little button came from some that my mom had. When the light hits it jusssst right, it has a purple hue. We all know that Baby loves purple, and her interior is ever so purple, and that makes it sooo perfect, oh yeah.

Besides my find on a great galvanized bucket that I could elegantly pimp out, my Driver and I found this:


How stinkin’ sweet are those cups?! Less than $20 at Sam’s Club, is how! And they look FABBOOLUS from a distance too!


We will make them safe to travel of course, but once we’ve beached our whale, they will be cute as a button on the kitchen counter!

Driver, not to be outdone, decided to tweak a few things himself. Here he is working on the TV.


This man is brilliant. No. Really. I mean, I’ve been the Mrs. for 36 years and I have yet to meet a smarter man. Here’s just one example:


And then it does this:


Do y’all have any idea how hard it is to Snoopy Dance in an RV? Well, it is pretty hard, but it CAN be done! And dang skippy, I just had to Snoopy Dance left and right when I saw how he installed that TV.

And just when I thought it was as good as it gets, our precious friends Emily and Bill came to meet Baby! AND they brought us her very first gifts! I’ll share them in my next post, so stay tuned!